Blankets & Pillows

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About Blankets & Pillows


Decorative pillows and blankets are a great way to personalize your home to create a comfy and stylish layout. At SCHEELS, we have a high-quality selection of comfortable and stylish blankets and pillows, that are ideal for use in any room in the house. We’ve hand-selected our collection to include favorites such as Northpoint blankets, Kennebunk throws and a number of other great decorative products from brands, including Alps Mountaineering and Primitives by Kathy.

Shop our inventory for patterned pillows and blankets as well as those with funny and inspirational text to complement the mood of your space. We also carry a selection of blankets and pillows specifically designed for camping and use in the outdoors. To find the most stylish options, be sure to shop SCHEELS selection of brand-name blankets and pillows to personalize your home.