Exercise Machine Accessories

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About Exercise Machine Accessories

Exercise Equipment Mats, Lubricant & More

When building your home gym, don’t forget about mats for under exercise equipment and lubricant for exercise equipment. SCHEELS carries a variety of different exercise equipment mats including treadmill mats, elliptical mats, and rubber floor mats. With a treadmill mat or an elliptical mat, you’re able to keep your gym floor protected as well as your treadmill and help reduce any noise or vibration when exercising. For those who have weight lifting equipment in their home gym, rubber floor mats that piece together are a good option to protect your floor and equipment when dropping heavy weights. Also, you’ll want to have lubricant for exercise equipment on hand too in order to keep all the parts moving and working properly. Whether you’re looking for an exercise equipment mat or lubricant, you’ll find just what you need for your home gym at SCHEELS.