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Navigate with Portable GPS Units

Find your way with a GPS unit, GPS mount, or GPS accessory from SCHEELS. Whether you’re looking for a handheld GPS for hiking or a larger GPS for driving, you’ll find a portable GPS device to help you navigate to your destination. Our selection of portable Garmin GPS units offers a variety of styles and features so everyone can find a GPS for their passion. From GPS with topo maps to touchscreen GPS, shop a wide selection of devices for navigation.

If you’re looking for a GPS for hiking, backpacking, or other outdoor activities, check out our selection of handheld GPS devices. To help you navigate while driving, shop Garmin Drive GPS units built for the road. In addition to GPS units, you’ll also find a variety of accessories including GPS mounts and cases, as well as map chips to upgrade your device. Whichever style of GPS you prefer, navigate on your next adventure with a portable GPS unit from SCHEELS.