About Griddles

Blackstone Griddles & Cast Iron Griddles

Sizzle your bacon or fry up some fried rice with a new griddle from SCHEELS. There are several different names for a griddle including hibachi grill and flat top grill, but each one of these griddles serves the same purpose—providing a convenient, versatile, and hot cooking surface to prepare your favorite meals. Whether you’re at the lake or in your backyard, a flat top grill is a perfect addition for those who love to cook outdoors.

SCHEELS carries a wide variety of different griddles including the most popular Blackstone griddle. Whether you’re looking for a griddle cooking station or a portable griddle, our variety of Blackstone griddles will make sure you have the right flat top grill option to choose from. Aside from Blackstone griddles, we carry cast iron griddles from leading brands like Traeger and Big Green Egg. These cast iron griddles are ideal to help make your grill more versatile. If you’re looking to expand your outdoor cooking options, check out the selection of griddles including Blackstone griddles at SCHEELS.