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The North American Raelian Movement invites you to experience its annual Happiness Academy

"You are responsible for your happiness. If you are wondering why you feel depressed, it is time to stop for a moment and look at the different dimensions of your life. If you apply all these things, happiness will come with the help of meditation."
Maitreya Rael - Asian Happiness Academy – 68 a.H.

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This Happiness Academy will change your life!

For years Maitreya Rael has been transmitting the means to guide us in cultivating happiness, teaching us the art of meditation with the wisdom coming from the stars. We are very happy to invite you to live a beautiful adventure inside yourself in an environment of simplicity, humor, sweet madness, benevolence and fraternity.
For more than 40 years, over 100,000 people have attended the Happiness Academies throughoutthe world and keep coming back to recharge. Why? Because it is an opportunity to live six days filled with pleasure, revolutionary learning, to re-energize and discover oneself and others through amazing workshops and evenings specially designed to allow an optimal blossoming of the being human.


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On Dec. 13, 1973, Rael had a physical encounter with an extraterrestrial human being coming from a civilization referred to as Elohim – the original Hebrew word for “God,” which does not mean “God,” but “Those who came from the sky.” The Elohim explained to Rael that they came to Earth 25,000 years ago at a time when there was no life, built huge laboratories and, thanks to their highly advanced scientific knowledge, scientifically created all life on Earth using DNA and genetic engineering including humans whom they created “in their image,” as written in the bible.

Throughout the Ages, the Elohim maintained contact with all the great Prophets of Old, who started the major religions, to guide humanity along the path of knowledge, wisdom, and peace. In 1945, we entered the Age of Apocalypse, which means “Revelation” and the Elohim contacted their last Prophet, Rael, to whom they gave a Message destined to the whole world and explaining how they created all life.

They also asked him to build an Embassy in Jerusalem where they will come officially with all the Prophets of Old, as announced by all religions.



Nicole Bertrand

Nicole Bertrand discovered she was Raelian in 1977. She has joined the team actively supporting Maitreya Raël in 1980 and since that time dedicates herself in several aspects of the organization. Rich of a strong background in pedagogy, her peers appreciate her communication skills. She is passionate about various topics including sexuality, love, meditation, human relations, popularization of science, etc. Her speeches are always colored with humour, simplicity and humility; still profoundly philosophical. Nicole’s zest for life is contagious and matched only by her generosity.


Shizue Kaneko

Shizue is a former martial artist and model. She is a peace and femininity activist, with a view that her most valuable education has been from her own life's experiences. As a Raelian Spiritual Guide for more than 20 years, she has taught the power of femininity as a tool for a more sensual and peaceful world during the Happiness Academy on the American, European and Asian continents and during many other teaching events. She has shown absolute dedication to elevating human beings to higher levels of consciousness and love.

Brigitte (2)

Brigitte Boisselier Ph.D

Brigitte Boisselier is a renowned scientist, with two doctorates, expert in human cloning and stem cell technology. She has also traveled the world, following Maitreya Rael on every continent and assisting him in his public conferences and teaching for the past 15 years. Her passion is to link the latest scientific discoveries with ancient knowledge to illustrate the logical simplicity of happiness and bring alive the teachings of those who created us. She states, "We have been programmed to be happy and Maitreya Rael is giving us all the keys to activate this program and keep it running flawlessly. There isn't a higher pleasure for me than seeing the smiles of those who let this simple Happiness program run”.


Marc Rivard, B. Sc.

Marc is a biologist and an experienced health professional. He is also highly gifted when it comes to popularizing science for a general audience. A Raelian guide for more than 25 years, he is passionate about creating links between science and his philosophy, and has devoted his life doing so. Marc is a lover of life and its pleasures. His unique humor is matched only by his love for human beings and all aspects of their development.

thomas 2

Thomas Kaenzig, MA

Thomas grew up in Switzerland where he became a Raelian in the mid 90s. Ever since he devoted his life to helping the Raelian Movement. He has lived for the past 15 years in the US and is the current National Guide of the US Raelian Movement. Having an academic background in economics, he is passionate about new technologies and their power to transform our planet and make it a paradise for everybody.


Harold 'Luc' Henning, MD, Ph.D., FACOG

Harold became Raelian in 2004.  He is a Guide in the Raelian philosophy and he is dedicating his life to bringing peace and love to Humanity.  Dr. Henning, is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. He has extensive experience in working with women and women's issues.  Dr. Henning trained under Dr. Bowers to perform the clitoral restorative surgery and now offers this treatment in Upstate New York, serving the surgical needs of FGM victims.  He also performs the restorative surgery at Clitoraid's new facility in Burkina Faso. He stresses the importance of community awareness to eliminate FGM, both in Africa and worldwide.


Nathalie Bibens Laulan Ph.D.

Originally from France where she studied biology and mathematics, she has been living in Canada for more than 15 years. She studied molecular biology at the Université de Montréal and obtained her Ph.D. in immunology and virology with a special field of research on cancer and epigenetic at the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) of Canada. An outstanding scientific, she teaches and disseminates the various fields of biology.

Useful information

The teachings will be given in English. There will be simultaneous translation in English, French and Spanish. If you need this service, please bring your FM receiver and earphones. Those with hearing problems should plan a device accordingly.


hotel pool


Millennium Buffalo Hotel

2040 Walden Avenue Cheektowaga Buffalo,

New York - USA - 14225

Phone: +1 716 681 2400


(At 15 minutes from the Buffalo Niagara international Airport)

Range of Services

Millennium Buffalo Hotel New York offers to its guests:

  • Shuttle Service
  • On-Site Parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • 2 restaurants
  • Fitness center
  • Pool

Description of the Environment 

Fall in love with western New York at Millennium Buffalo. At this family friendly destination, you're conveniently close to popular attractions such as Niagara Falls, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and Shea's Performing Arts Centre. And next door is Walden Galleria Mall, the second largest mall in New York, with a host of shopping and family entertainment options. When it’s time to relax, we have 301 beautifully renovated rooms and suites, and the best swimming pool and courtyard in WNY. When it comes to great food, we've got it covered. Satisfy your senses with delicious American fare at Millennium Buffalo’s very own Walden's Restaurant, with a crowd-pleasing menu featuring everything from buttermilk pancakes to burgers, along with our famous chicken wings. Or for a top sports bar in New York, Twigs Lounge is an all-time favorite with it's signature chicken wings and beef on weck.

hotel dining

Find all the details in the Hotel Accommodation section below

Thank you for taking the time to read everything carefully.



Regular: 140$ USD (185$ CAD) for 6 days.

Per day: 25$ USD (35$ CAD) for those attending only some of the days.

Newcomer: 25$ USD (35$ CAD) for 6 days.

Full-time student of all ages upon the presentation of your student ID: FREE

For US and Mexican residents, payable to "US Raelian Movement – HA 74"

For Canadian residents, payable to "Les Jardins du Prophète Inc."

Please complete your online REGISTRATION by clicking on the HAPPINESS ACADEMY REGISTRATION button below.


Deadline to receive the group discount at the Millennium Buffalo Hotel: Tuesday, October 15, 2019.
* Open bookings after this date at the standard rate


- Room categories: two Double-size beds or one King-size bed.

- Number of rooms reserved: 13 with Double-size beds and 12 with a King-size bed.

- Price: $89.86 USD ($119 CAD) per night or per room, taxes included.

Room Sharing: roomsharing@happinessacademy-america.org



It will be possible to eat at your expense at the hotel restaurant, à la carte, in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. Here is the link for the choice of menus:



Twigs Lounge


BOOKING at the Millennium Buffalo Hotel

Accommodation (and buffet) fees are payable to the Millennium Buffalo Hotel with VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, debit card.

Please complete your booking with Millennium Buffalo Hotel by Individual call-in at the following number: 1(866) 866-8086

It is important to identify yourself as part of the Happiness Academy and the following VIP status code: 1911HAPPAC. Then provide you name and those you share your room with, home or business address, email address (if any), requested type of room, (is 1 king or 2 Double-zise bed), check-in and check-out dates.



"Attending the Happiness Academy gives me the necessary balance to take all decisions in my life and to evaluate all actions. It brings solutions to stay in harmony in the midst of chaos, strength to go through any unbearable situation, and reasons to be able to BE when so much focus is put on “having.” I am a Raelian living in the apocalypse era!” - Negar (Iran)

"Attend a Raelian Happiness Academy to cultivate the magic of happiness without end inside you. Learn the skills that will pay dividends your whole life through. Bathe in the simple pleasures of unconditional love. Laugh to the rhythms of your endless heart. Attend a Raelian Happiness Academy to learn where to start." - Larry (U.S.)


"I used to believe that spirituality was just for those who have a God or a religion, but I came to the Raelian Happiness Academy to realize that spirituality can guide my happiness from within. You cannot imagine how much my life has changed! 🙂 I hope you come and experience this beautiful feeling at the Raelian Happiness Academy.” - Color (Japan)

"The Happiness Academy gives us the most important tools in order to achieve our most ambitious aspirations in different areas of our lives; from the sentimental to the professional aspects. The Happiness Academy is the result of the color you bring in, the Happiness Academy is you! Because in there, you understand that in fact we are all part of a big Rainbow that shines more intensely! And above all, we learn that WE ARE ONE.- Jesus (Mexico)


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If you have other questions

Contact: info@happinessacademy-america.org

We will be happy to help you!

Looking forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event! See you soon!

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Wouldn't you want to read such a book?

This Web site gives you the opportunity to read for yourself the extraordinary “Message” that comes from beyond the stars.