The North American Raelian Movement invites you to experience its annual Happiness Academy

Like you have never experienced it before!

Come explore something most revealing about yourself - how to BE your extraordinary self.


     How can you choose and enjoy your emotions, while not having them lead your life?

     What is science discovering about happy people and human consciousness?

     How can you cultivate your harmony and health through simple meditation techniques?

     What do pleasure and sensuality do for your body and mind?

Best of all, how can you find your happiness and keep it forever?

 “Happiness is not about having, but being. At the Happiness Academy, where nonconformist teachings are offered, you will learn how to be the best version of yourself.” - RAEL











On Dec. 13, 1973, Rael had a physical encounter with an extraterrestrial human being coming from a civilization referred to as Elohim – the original Hebrew word for “God,” which does not mean “God,” but “Those who came from the sky.” The Elohim explained to Rael that they came to Earth 25,000 years ago at a time when there was no life, built huge laboratories and, thanks to their highly advanced scientific knowledge, scientifically created all life on Earth using DNA and genetic engineering including humans whom they created “in their image,” as written in the bible.

Throughout the Ages, the Elohim maintained contact with all the great Prophets of Old, who started the major religions, to guide humanity along the path of knowledge, wisdom, and peace. In 1945, we entered the Age of Apocalypse, which means “Revelation” and the Elohim contacted their last Prophet, Rael, to whom they gave a Message destined to the whole world and explaining how they created all life. 

They also asked him to build an Embassy in Jerusalem where they will come officially with all the Prophets of Old, as announced by all religions.





Daniel Chabot, M.A.

Daniel is the Head of Planetary Teaching in the Raelian Movement, which means that he is Maitreya Rael’s immediate assistant when it comes to all aspects of His teachings. He also oversees the teaching leaders on all Continents in addition to having led meditation and consciousness awakening seminars for nearly 30 years. He also holds a Masters' degree in psychology, has been teaching psychology for 28 years, and is the author of many books on self-development, some of which have been translated in several languages.

Marc Rivard, B. Sc.

Marc is a biologist and an experienced health professional. He is also highly gifted when it comes to popularizing science for a general audience. A Raelian guide for more than 25 years, he is passionate about creating links between science and his philosophy, and has devoted his life doing so. Marc is a lover of life and its pleasures. His unique humor is matched only by his love for human beings and all aspects of their development.

Shizue Kaneko

Shizue is a former martial artist and model. She is a peace and femininity activist, her most valuable education has been from her own life's experiences. As a Raelian Spiritual Guide for more than 20 years, she has taught the power of femininity as a tool for a more sensual and peaceful world during the Happiness Academy on the American, European and Asian continents and during many other teaching events. She has shown absolute dedication to elevating human beings to higher levels of consciousness and love.

Harold 'Luc' Henning, MD, Ph.D., FACOG

Harold became Raelian in 2004.  He is a Guide in the Raelian philosophy and he is dedicating his life to bringing peace and love to Humanity.  Dr. Henning, is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. He has extensive experience in working with women and women's issues.  Dr. Henning trained under Dr. Bowers to perform the clitoral restorative surgery and now offers this treatment in Upstate New York, serving the surgical needs of FGM victims.  He also performs the restorative surgery at Clitoraid's new facility in Burkina Faso. He stresses the importance of community awareness to eliminate FGM, both in Africa and worldwide.

Nathalie Salois, M.A. (Ph.D. Student)

Originally from France where she studied in Biology and Mathematics, Nathalie currently resides in Canada where she’s lived for more than 15 years. She completed her studies in molecular biology at the University of Montreal and is currently enrolled in a graduate Ph.D. program in Immunology and Virology at the Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) in Canada. Gifted when it comes to popularizing science, her area of research focuses specifically on Cancer and Epigenetics.

Useful information

Most of the teachings will be given in French. There will be simultaneous translations in English and Spanish.

Please bring your FM receiver and headphones.






Hotel Cheribourg

2603, chemin du Parc,

Orford (Quebec) J1X 8C8

Phone : 1 800 567-6132

Fax : 1 819 843-2639


Available Activities

Activities (included in the package)

  • Indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools, Nordic spas and sauna with the possibility of relaxing by small fireplaces – 8am to 11pm
  • Petanque bowling– Horseshoes
  • Trout fishing in a stocked lake
  • Paddle boat– Kayak – Rowboat –Canoe
  • Lighted tennis – Volleyball – Badminton
  • Mini cinema
  • Video games on plasma screen
  • Pool– Table hockey – Foosball –Ping-pong
  • Fitness Center
  • Mini-farm (some animals)
  • Bicycle paths (bicycle rentals)
  • Hiking trails at the Cheribourg

Activities (available at extra cost)

  • Access to a massage SPA at the hotel Cheribourg: preferential rates for our group
  • 18 hole golf at the Manoir des Sables
  • Access to the Thermal SPA at the Manoir des Sables

Description of the Environment 

In the heart of the Eastern Townships, back to our roots in the Quebec nature with Lake Magog, bungalows and rooms, in a 200-acre estate embedded within beautiful Mount Orford park, near the rivière aux Cerises. A relaxing environment that will delight all residents, with its direct access to nature and its proximity to the Eastern Townships regions' main attractions, while allowing you to create a unique experience.

Rooms & Bungalows 

The Hotel Cheribourg offers us 60 Rooms and Bungalows split into 2 areas: By the pavilion and Garden side.

The 7 rooms By the pavilion are located in the main hotel building on three floors and are equipped with a refrigerator, dishes and utensils, with a microwave station in the hallways.

The 53 bungalows Garden side are separate from the main building:


  • 11 bungalows with full kitchenette (booking priority for accommodation without meals).
  • 4 bungalows with microwave, refrigerator, dishes and utensils.
  • 38 bungalows with refrigerator, dishes and utensils.


* Important instruction: For the 53 bungalows Garden side: Do not connect any additional microwave, toaster or other device to make sure not to overload the electrical circuits.

You will find all the details in the booking form.

Thank you for taking the time to read everything carefully.





Happiness Academy Registration:

(Payable to The Raelian Church)

Basic: CAD $185.00
Newcomer (First Happiness Academy)CAD $35.00
Full-time students of all ages, with valid student ID: FREE
Daily Fee (if not attending the full Happiness Academy): CAD $35.00

Booking fees related to accommodation, with or without meals:

Payable to The Hotel Cheribourg (VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS).





Deadline for hotel reservation:

The deadline for reservations at the Hotel Cheribourg (accommodation with meals or accommodation without meals)Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Those who wish to register after this deadline may contact the hotel directly, who will let you know if there are any rooms available. Therefore, there will therefore be no guarantees.

After Identifying Your Roommates:

Step 1: Download on your computer the Accommodation Booking Form by clicking on ACCOMMODATION RESERVATION.

Step 2:  Once the form completed, send it by email to: If you prefer to pay your booking reservation deposit by phone, call Mrs Tardiff Isabelle at: 1800-567-6132 # 330, from Tuesday to Saturdays, between 9 AM to 5 PM. 

Step 3: Complete also the Happiness Academy Registration Form by clicking on HAPPINESS ACADEMY REGISTRATION.

Notice: Those who share the same room have to choose the same accommodation package.











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(Please, click on the question to get the answer.)

1 - What is the next step after sending the reservation form to the hotel?

Following your reservation and payment with the Hotel Cheribourg, a confirmation will be sent to you by email. It is important to also complete your registration for the Continental Happiness Academy, now that your accommodation is settled. Then to complete your registration for the Continental Happiness Academy, the fees of which are payable online to the Raelian Church before the opening of the Academy, on Sunday July 17th, 2015 – 8:30am. To complete your registration and pay the fees, click here:

2   - Can I call the Hotel Cheribourg directly to reserve instead of sending in the form?

To avoid problems and to optimize registrations, the hotel strongly wishes to receive your booking info either by email or by fax. If you are not comfortable providing your credit card information by email or Fax, the hotel accepts to take this information by telephone, but for the remaining of the reservation, the info must be given by email or Fax.

3   - Do I have to give all the information on the form?

Yes, the names of people who are sharing your room and if you have children, mention them along with their age. This information is important for security reasons. Thank you for filling out all the required fields.

4   - Are pets allowed?

Yes, dogs and cats are allowed free of charge in eight of the bungalows (if you really insist on bringing your pet, you must accept the bungalow that corresponds to this authorization). There is no problem for birds (or snakes, guinea pigs, etc.) which are accepted in all of the bungalows and hotel rooms.

5   - I am looking for one or more roommates. Can I get help?

Yes, if you are looking for a roommate, please write to

6   - I will not stay at the hotel. How do I register?

By filling out only the Registration form for the Continental Happiness Academy, the fees of which are payable online to the Raelian Church before the opening of the Academy, on Sunday July 17th, 2016 – 8:30am. To complete your registration and pay the fees, click here:

This form must also be completed by those who have booked their accommodation with the hotel.

7   - Gala dinner

There will be a Gala dinner at the end of the Happiness Academy, Thursday July 23rd
(3 courses, $ 42.50 CAD, including taxes and service).

To take part in it, you must inform yourself at the reception of the hotel on the day of your arrival, and check your choice of main course. You will be issued a meal voucher.
- Package A with meals: included. Check it, in the accommodation form.
- Package B without meals: Check it, in the accommodation form.
- Those who are not staying at the hotel: You will also need to register at the hotel reception (specify your choice of main course).
The menu will be displayed at the hotel reception desk.

The deadline to register for this GALA dinner is Sunday July 17th.

8   - I will travel every day. Is it possible to carpool, to ask for or offer a lift?

Yes, please contact who, with his team, will be happy to coordinate carpooling, allowing everyone to share transportation costs.

9   - If I arrive by plane, how do I get to the hotel?

Thank you for contacting who will certainly be able to help.

10   - I do not have a credit card. Is there another way to reserve an accommodation package?

You absolutely need a credit card (a single one may be enough if you are sharing the room) to make your reservation at the Hotel Cheribourg, but we are not responsible for arrangements that you organize with your roommates. You can also make the requested deposit using a prepaid credit card:

A deposit of $100 CAD per room per night is required to confirm your reservation (regardless of the number of occupants).
This deposit is non refundable if there is a cancellation less than 45 days before the event (Friday June 5th).

Example of triple occupancy for 6 nights: For 6 nights, the hotel will ask you to make a deposit of $ 600 CAD. In triple occupancy = $ 200 CAD per person (3 people x $ 200 CAD).
If you are sharing your room, you can send a form filled out by each roommate with your payment information + the name of the other roommates, to facilitate the payment of your accommodation package.

11 - Can I eat and have alcohol in my room?

Yes, you are allowed to eat in your room, but you cannot eat your food in the other areas of the hotel. The same goes for all alcoholic beverages.

12 - Do we have free Internet access?

WIFI Internet access is free without password in all rooms of the hotel.

13 - From what time are the rooms available?

All rooms are available from 4pm, but your room might already be ready, simply ask at the reception. You could then drop off your luggage there, otherwise, the reception will provide you with a safe place to leave your luggage before 4pm. The day of departure you must vacate the room by 12pm at the latest.

14 - Camping and offsite lodging ?

Yes, camping is possible. Here is the address closest to the hotel:

Camping Parc National du Mont Orford et Lac Stukely
3321, chemin du Parc
Orford, Québec J1X 7A2
Telephone : 819 843-9855

  • Campground with 1 utility (electricity) - $ 37,25 CAD/ night (plus taxes)
  • Campground with 2 utilities (water and electricity) - $ 37,25 CAD/ night (plus taxes)
  • Campground with 3 utilities (water, electricity & sewer) - $ 43,00 CAD/ night (plus taxes)
  • Campground without utilities - $ 29,75 CAD/ night (plus taxes)
  • Rustic Camping - $ 23,75 CAD/ night (plus taxes)


15 - Are there places to eat near the hotel?

You can eat a-la-carte at the hotel restaurant, for those who take the accommodation-only package, or you can eat outside, near the hotel.

16 - How can I take meals at the hotel without a room reservation?

You can see the prices “à la carte” on the RESERVATION FORM even if you are not booking a room at the hotel. 

Here the addresses of the super markets and restaurants near the site:

Métro Plouffe : 460 Saint-Patrice street West, Magog, QC  J1X 1W9, 819 843-9202 – – (9 min. drive by car)

Provigo Le Marché (inside there are also Crudessence & Rachelle Bery, two health food outlets) : 1350 Sherbrooke street, Magog, QC  J1X 2T3, 819 868-8630

Le marché végétarien (vegetarian market) : 930 rue Principale West, Magog, QC  J1X 2B6, 819 843-4419 – (8 min. drive by car)

Ohlavie Epicerie et resto (Groceries and restaurant) : 765 chemin de la Rivière-Aux-Cerises, Magog, QC  J1X 3W3, 819 769-3002 -  – (3 min. drive by car)

Restaurant l'Expresso : 1691 chemin de la Rivière-Aux-Cerises, Magog, QC  J1X 3W3 – (Italian cuisine) – ($ 30 to $ 40 CAD)

Guacamole Y Tequilla : 112 rue Principale West, Magog, QC  J1X 2A5 – (Mexican cuisine) – ($ 20 to $ 30 CAD)

Pierre de Feu : 44 avenue de l’Auberge, Orford, QC  J1X 6J3 – (stone-grill) – ($ 30 CAD + up)

Restaurant Les péchés de Pinochio : 469 rue Principale Ouest Magog, QC  J1X 2B2, 819 868-8808 – (French cuisine) – ($ 15 to $ 30 CAD)

Restaurant Les 4 Saisons : 4940 chemin du Parc, Orford, QC  J1X 7N9 – ($ 30 to $ 40 CAD)

Restaurant Fondissimo : 276 rue Principale East, Magog, QC  J1X 4X5, 819 843-8999 – (fondue, apportez votre vin) – – ($ 30 CAD + up)

Restaurant chez Auguste : 82 Wellington street North, Sherbrooke, QC  J1H 5B8, 819 565-9559 – ($ 50 CAD + up)

It is important to also complete your registration for the Continental Happiness Academy, now that your accommodation is settled.

If you have other questions


We will be happy to help you!

Looking forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event! See you soon!

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